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Useful Websites

American Heart Association – American website for healthy heart advice and patient information.

Anxiety BC – Resources for people with anxiety

Bad Gut – Good advice for gut issues

Bounce Back – Improve your mental health

British Columbia Cancer Agency – shows guidelines, some information regarding cancer and follow up protocols, also has a good list of other websites relating to treatment of cancer.

Canadian Diabetes Association – Non-profit society with information about diabetes.

Canadian Hypertension Society – Non-profit society with information about hypertension.

Canadian Institute for the Relief of Pain and Disability

Canadian Mental Health Association – Non-profit society with information about mental health 

Centre for Disease Control, BC – a BC based website for communicable disease information and advisories.

HealthLink BC – General health topics

Here to Help – A BC based website for the support of individuals or families managing mental health or substance use problems.

Hereditary Cancer Testing – do you have a family history of cancer?  This is part of the BC Cancer agencies website, providing information about whether your family should get genetic testing for hereditary cancers.

HIV and AIDS – BC centre for Excellence – the HIV treatment centre for the province, led by Dr Julio Montaner.

Hospice Society of Nanaimo – An excellent local resource to provide compassionate support for adults, teens and children as they go through the process of bereavement.

Hypertension Canada – Canadian based website with lots of information about hypertension and its causes, treatments and complications

ImmunizeBC – BC immunization schedules – child and adult.

Immunization Canada – Public Health Canada Website – also check ImmunizeBC website for current BC schedules.

Jim Pattison Outpatient Care – Full range of scheduled services

National Institute on Drug Abuse – a US based website with information for patients and health providers about the science behind drug abuse and addiction.

Medi-Mouse – a Victoria based website with a good list of medical resources and links in BC and worldwide.

MoodGYM – (CBTS) MoodGYM cognitive behavioral therapy skills training program for preventing and coping with depression and anxiety

Motherisk – Pregnancy and perinatal information website by the Hospital for Sick Kids.

My E-health – a page that allows you to login and see your blood results – the website provided by Excelleris – a company that delivers electronic lab data around the province.

Orthopaedic Information – Orthopaedic information on fractures, sports injuries, joint replacement, and other orthopedic topics

Pain BC – Excellent site for pain management and resources available in BC

Patient UK – Patient informaton leaflet site, based in the United Kingdom.

Peach Arch Hospital & Community Health Foundation – local hospital foundation

Prenatal Genetic Screening BC – Prenatal genetic screening information site for British Columbia.

Sexuality and You – a Canadian website with excellent information about birth control methods, sexually transmitted infections and sexual health.

Sexual health – Centre for disease control – a BC based website for information about Sexual health.

Society of Obstetrics and Gynaecology of Canada – useful female health information in the women’s health section

Tips to De-Stress – Some useful strategies to try at home.

Travel Reports and Warnings – website from Foreign Affairs office containing travel advice for foreign countries

Up to Date – US based website for evidence based health provider information and a good list of patient information