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Office Policies / FAQ

Do I need an appointment to refill my medication? Yes. Medication is prescribed by your family doctor for a length of time they feel is appropriate, in order to facilitate review of the condition you are being treated for. Even if you have been on the same medication for many years, it is important to review with your doctor to ensure that appropriate care is being provided.

I have an appointment but I feel better, should I call and cancel? Yes, please! We have held this spot for you, every day we have calls for people wishing to be fit in, this would allow us to help another patient. Failure to cancel your appointment could result in a charge for the “missed appointment”

Can I call for my lab results? No. Our staff are not able to provide results over the phone, unless directed by the physician. There are numerous reasons this could be catastrophic, so we appreciate your understanding. There are a couple things you can do to know your results; 1) book an appointment to follow up with your family doctor. 2) sign up with the lab to access your results online.

I want to become a new patient how do I proceed? By checking with our friendly staff on the phone or in the office, we can inform you which of our doctors are taking new patients. We would be happy to book you an appointment. You will be asked to complete some paperwork prior to your appointment. You can either fill this out prior to your appointment by printing the form at home, or arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. Hilltop New Patient History Form

I can’t make it in… can I talk to my doctor on the phone? The answer here is most often No. In the most extenuating circumstances your individual doctor may choose to call you. More often they will ask to see you in the office. There are many things key to treatment and diagnosis that must be done in person.

If not the doctor, then why can’t I speak to the nurse? Our nurses again may not have all the critical information that your doctor does, based on your previous visits. Depending on the circumstances we may ask you to speak to a nurse, but more often you will be advised to book an appointment.

What is Accession Patient Portal? Accession allows users to book their appointments online rather than to phone the clinic. At present time, only regular 10 minute appointments with your usual family physician can be booked online. If you wish to schedule another type of appointment, you must phone the clinic. In addition, if you have any forms that require completion, please contact the clinic to ensure that you are notified of any potential fees that may be associated with completing the form.

Why is there a charge for that? Many services are considered uninsured by the Medical Services Plan, for more information please see the uninsured services.

Who’s working in the walk in today? Our physicians change over every three hours, and depending on the wait we cannot guarantee who you will be seeing. Due to nature of this we typically cannot release who is in the clinic over the phone. We do our best to update our wait times on our website here.